Ecclesfield Deanery
A community of churches working together in mission
A community of churches working together in mission
Ecclesfield Deanery Synod

Is made up of the clergy  and elected laity from the churches in the Deanery. The Synod meets approximately four times a  year at different church buildings around the Deanery.  

The synod is primary hub of our activities - a place for churches to coordinate their work, share information and grow relationships. It also has a legal function within the Church of England, electing members of the Diocesan Synod.

The current membership of the Deanery can be found here.

Meetings for 2010

(Times and venues to be confirmed)


Thursday 4th March - Ellesmere


Thursday 6th May - High Green - Cancelled


Thursday 15th July - Pitsmoor


Thursday 23rd Sept. - Deepcar


Thursday 25th Nov. - Brightside

We are currently going through a major review of the way the church works.

The reports and documents related to the Deanery Review can be found here.