Ecclesfield Deanery
A community of churches working together in mission
A community of churches working together in mission
Ecclesfield Deanery Review
In September 2005 Sheffield Diocese produced a paper titled Shaping Mission and Ministry in the Deanery. This paper asked Deaneries to undertake a review of mission and ministry and make recommendations concerning new ways of working.
In Ecclesfield Deanery this review has taken place through various working groups and consultations. Three working groups prepared for a consultation on May 10th 2008. The groups were asked to research
1. How the Deanery could resource mission across the parishes
2. How the Deanery could partner with parishes and the Diocese in growing new leaders.
3. Structures for the Deanery bearing in mind the reducing numbers of stipendiary clergy and pressures on finance.
Since the conference on May 10th, a further group has