Ecclesfield Deanery
A community of churches working together in mission
A community of churches working together in mission
The Deanery Council combines the function of Standing Committee, Pastoral Committee and Deanery Review Group. The membership of the Council is made up of elected members from the house of clergy and house of laity with the Area Dean as chair.

The current membership of the Council is:
Rick Stordy (Area Dean)

Louise Collins (Assistant Area Dean)
Ian Smith
Kath Lonsborough (Lay Chair of Deanery Synod)
Peter Blakemore (Lay Rep)
Lionel Heafield (Lay Rep)

Jayne Roberts (elected and non-voting member)

David Love (co-opted)
Rick Stordy is Area Dean and
Vicar of St John’s Cahpeltown
David Jeans is  Deanery Leadership Development Officer.
Vicar of St John’s Deepcar
Martin Kilner is  Deanery Missioner.
Vicar of St Mark’s Grenoside